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Monty Bevins is a New Zealand based singer-songwriter. Known as a touching, spirited performer, whose soul-folk songs ask the big questions while telling the small stories, Bevins has built a loyal following throughout his homeland.


With a warm rich voice and articulate guitar grooves, he digs out and distills themes of tenderness, personal revolution and adventure. Perpetually touring, at a pace that allows encounter, Monty draws inspiration from the stories of the people he meets...

"Lovers Again was a song I wrote ​about on an older couple ​I​ met in Arthurs Pass whose three girls have all since moved out into the world, leaving Mum and Dad at home in a big house in Woodstock (Canterbury). That's where I went round to visit them on the day they were getting set to move out, south to a smaller place, struggling to turn the page as they pointed to the spot on the floor their eldest daughter had taken her first steps, and the height markings etched into the door frame..."                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                                 Monty Bevins


"I was pleasantly surprised with his obviously honed and crafted live performance, as he effortlessly intertwined elements of folk, roots and soul together"

                                                                                                                        Poppy Tohill, 13th floor

"An artistic gem is what I'd call Monty.  Heart, soul and pure elbow grease are what goes into making his song writing so special.  He evokes a storied musical tapestry well suited to the warmth and richness of The Dome Room, the audience feels as though they are settling in with an old friend and he never ceases to delight"

Sally Shanks, Gisborne's 'Dome Cinema' Proprietor

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