Following on from the 7 years of constant touring that fuelled the EP 'Traveller", Monty's first 2 years as a father have defied him to delve deeply into what slowing down might uncover. The single "Catalina" gives us an intimate insight into this world, via the imaginary lens of whoever owned that abandoned trailer sailer down the road... There had to be a song in it!

Country Slow is a song on the relief found in the countryside upon escaping a city's hustle and bustle, performed live here in Wellington's Bicycle Junction as part of the 'Songs By Twilight' series. 

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Towards the end of the writing process I realised that this album was going to be the ultimate memoir for Matai. To one day have insight into what was going on for his Dad through those first couple years...

A few weeks back at a favourite spot in the Coro with a few days off, I was wondering where and how I'd get a music video together for 'Lovers Again'. Amidst packing the van for departure I looked up and spotted Dave (pictured below) restoring the ocean cruiser he'd bought from a Floridian couple 5 years ago, who hadn't wanted to sail it back! All those years running a busy Eggsentric Cafe, left high and dry (the boat that is), but now, right in front of me, a narrative I couldn't have scripted better. The rest of that day I filmed, before driving north, filming a bit more, editing a lot, we go, the OFFICIAL Lovers Again music video!