Traveller is the latest EP from Monty Bevins

All songs written & performed by Monty Bevins, except taonga puoro by Alistair Fraser in 'Traveller', 'Or Is It Just Me' co-written with Mick Thomas, & violin by Nikita Tu-Bryant in 'Lovers Again'

Recorded & mixed by Lee Prebble @ Surgery Studios, & Mastered by Mike Gibson @ Munki Studios.

'Traveller' reflects 6 years of craft, curiosity and experiences as a full time musician with no fixed abode. Monty digs out and distills themes of tenderness, personal revolution and adventure, with a warm rich voice over articulate guitar grooves. Each song is woven with the stories of people he's met along the way...

Country Slow is a song on the relief found in the countryside upon escaping a city's hustle and bustle, performed live here in Wellington's Bicycle Junction as part of the 'Songs By Twilight' series. 

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A few weeks back at a favourite spot in the Coro with a few days off, I was wondering where and how I'd get a music video together for 'Lovers Again'. Amidst packing the van for departure I looked up and spotted Dave (pictured below) restoring the ocean cruiser he'd bought from a Floridian couple 5 years ago, who hadn't wanted to sail it back! All those years running a busy Eggsentric Cafe, left high and dry (the boat that is), but now, right in front of me, a narrative I couldn't have scripted better. The rest of that day I filmed, before driving north, filming a bit more, editing a lot, we go, the OFFICIAL Lovers Again music video!